Wireless Internet Service Area:

Internet Speed is up-to 25Mb download, 3Mb upload.

This is a community-based Internet sharing service intended for general Internet use, email, light video-streaming or seasonal-resident use.

Heavy-use Internet applications, VOIP, Voice-over-IP-Telephony, 911, E-911 services.

What is included:

  1.  Ubiquiti LocoM2 Wireless Router($50 value) and 25′ Ethernet cable($10 value)
  2. Basic installation without drilling or construction
  3. Initial setup of Internet to an existing router, or using LocoM2 for router.

Additional routers and cabling options available,  at-cost after $60 installation credit is applied.

Ready to sign-up?

  1. Call 804-402-1300 or email pmartin(at)binary1(dot)com
    2.  Make the initial payment
    3. Depending on your location/proximity, a self-installation kit will be mailed, or in-person installation scheduled.